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Mega Man : Origin of X Part IV Finally Complete

2015-06-14 05:10:34 by BallinSNN122

* Edit - It's uploaded on my YouTube channel, will upload here soon*


So I finally completed the fourth part recently. I need to edit it and do some other important things (like decide on the soundtrack - where I find myself stumped now). I feel good about the fact that despite the long time between releases in this case, it didn't actually take me that much time. I had some cool things going on and not enough time to work on this fun project. Releases will be much more consistent now.

I have some screenshots!



Taking cover


Rescuing the soldiers


Unexpected Guests


Expected runtime : ~10 or 11 minutes

There are two small expositional scenes (one at the very beginning, one right before the last scene) I want to add that will help the episode flow much more smoothly. There should be no delay as I can still edit the episode for release while adding them.

Story-wise this picks up right where Part III left off. Some general tidbits:

  • Both factions continue to grow.
  • Another member of the Six Sigma is introduced.
  • Steady developments - no huge reveals, but some interesting details.


  • The best and most varied scenes so far (as expected). I had a lot of fun making these so I hope you enjoy watching them. The Eregion battle was my first time using multiple locations, so I hope to improve on that and do it again.
  • Roughly 80:20 Action / Story split. Basically a bigger and much better Part II.
  • Energy Bars!

Looking ahead - Some Part V details:

  • Should take nowhere near as long as this. The first half of P5 will be the decisive strike planned at the end of P4. Thetis will be introduced, and there will be some very interesting reveals. I'm looking towards a 60:40 Action / Story split.
  • Estimate : Considering my schedule, from writing the first word in the script during pre-production to the last frame of production, perhaps 6-8 weeks max. Of course, there's post-production (which should be a couple days). Work on P5 starts when I upload this.

Thanks for reading my post! In summary, Part IV is complete and I only have some basic post-production tasks to complete before I release this. I'll release it on both channels so if you like it that much feel free to let me know here and on YouTube.

If I can decide on some BGM, then my episode release estimate is : Within the week!

Hey all!

Schedule's hell as always, but I'm working on the IV and V. IV's extremely far along. I really wish I had the free time to push an episode out the door every four or five weeks like I could, but I don't unfortunately.

That said, I figure some sort of update / teaser / reminder is long overdue.... so here's a still from a scene where the crew attempts to stop Eregion (controlled remotely?) from whatever he plans to do with that railway car - Freefalls look so peaceful in photo form lol.


  • "I'll go for the claws!"
  • "I'll try to slow it down! Try to clip a wing Axl!"

And here's a line up of two of the three factions. Sigma's crew provides a common goal for now, and someone once said an enemy of your enemy is your friend.


As P4 will foreshadow, even friends have disagreements...

You probably notice a few characters not yet introduced. Thanks to some resolved technical difficulties I was able to write Axl back in. He'll become a regular starting in P4.

Thetis will first be seen in P5.

Sigma's crew also has a few new faces - The first couple of minutes should explain the high turnover rate haha, but I'm definitely excited to introduce them in P4. If I have extra space in the episode after I edit it down, I'll probably slide P5's opening over.

The next three set pieces (city - IV, train - IV or V, and forest - V) are very fun challenges. I can't wait to show you guys the final result. As promised, the overall quality of the action scenes are improving as I go along - I told y'all I was rusty at first! Thanks for being so patient with me and the lesser quality episodes earlier.

Hope you guys are having a great Fall,


Mega Man : Origin of X Part IV - Coming Soon

2014-06-06 11:29:47 by BallinSNN122


The head of Repliforce and the leader of the Robot Masters have formed an alliance! Many robot masters to be seen later in the episode.


These two arrive to rescue their friends, just as something leaves...

Mega Man : Origin of X P4 Update #1

2014-04-05 15:33:53 by BallinSNN122

5/29 EDIT : Nevermind, no point spoiling anything when it's coming soon. No update!

5/28 EDIT : Another update coming tomorrow.

HMMMM, decisions, decisions.

In the story I have Shadow Man (under Pharoah Man's orders) tailing Drogen to Kattelox Fort. I can't decide if he should be a bystander that witnesses Drogen wreck all the bosses pictured, or if he should join the fray uninvited. I already mapped the fight with Drogen going solo, but an extra fighter adds a fun dynamic. Leaning towards uninvited assistance!


[ Not exactly how the fight is going to play out! But it should be fun nonetheless! ]

Going with a June 30th hard release date!

Another update coming soon.

4/30/14 Edit : YAHOO! Making some good progress. You guys are gonna like this episode! Extremely busy but this summer will heap tons of free time upon me. I'm actually putting together P4 and P5 simultaneously.

Sooooo busy, but Parts IV through VII will happen!

I haven't been able to work on anything until today due to other commitments, but the goods news is that I have a decent PC now. All of the creative processes are so much more efficient - so much so that I could probably crank a part out every few weeks if I had the time.

Moving slow, but I'm already making some interesting progress to say the least. I've been watching some of the other flashes on here, and I've definitely improved a lot. I'm making significant upgrades to the cinematography, and I'm using bigger and better set pieces for the action scenes. Speaking of action scenes, there'll be a lot.

I haven't done the best job laying down the story but I'll do away with any useless exposition and try to keep things interesting. Also, any holes and unintended mysteries will be taken care of.

IV picks up right where III left off. I usually open the next part in the same scene, but I'm opening this in what would normally be the second scene. It's probably not necessary to close and open chapters with Sigma and Gate scheming. I think this decision definitely makes things a bit more exciting.

I'm definitely enjoying the development process. In terms of set pieces, action, and scope, this is easily going to be better than the first three combined. It pleases me to this day how well some of the fights in earlier chapters came out, and I'd like to state yet again I have every intention to top them.

As far as a (soft) release date, let's say April. No matter how busy I am, the development process is so smooth now that I can easily find time to make progress. No screenshot for now, but I'll have one or two in the next update.

P.S. Though I'm still setting things up,I have a twitch channel. I plan on streaming LoL, some JRPGs, development of this, just about anything! - -- If you use twitch at all, follow me!

Mega Man : Origin of X Part IV Update #1

2014-01-07 04:25:40 by BallinSNN122

Hope you guys had an awesome holiday season,

After enjoying some time off, I've hit the ground running with this installment. I'm really going to take my time with this one - I want to make something that the average Mega Man fan wouldn't mind spending a few minutes watching.

Assorted details about the upcoming installment:

  • This picks up right where P3 left off. Drogen is doing the last two miles of the trek to Kattelox Fort on foot to minimize risk. Awaiting him a mile from the fortress is Slash Beast, Magma Dragoon, Poler Kamrous, and Maha Ganeshariff.


  • [ Distracted after taking a shot, Drogen finds himself in arms reach of a formidable foe ]
  • Sigma's bait may have caught the wrong fish, but with the amount of power at his disposal it may not matter...
  • Aiming for at the very least a 65 : 35 action / story ratio. For comparison's sake: P3 (in my estimation) is 15 : 85. That's something I'm not proud of. This installment will be a lot better!
  • I'll need to improve the dialogue display yet again. Changing Mega Man's font to light blue, and I'm strongly reconsidering mugshots.
  • Energy bars will likely make a return for the Eregion battle. My plan after P2 was to use them in serious battles as they help me illustrate the magnitude of a character's power - in an oh so fitting Mega Man fashion.
  • Regarding runtime, I'll put the cap at ten minutes. No mid-battle cliffhangers, I promise!
  • In my biased opinion, the story remains interesting. As I've said before, I have all 7 parts outlined, but I'll probably do some minor reworking so all of the good stuff isn't concentrated in Parts VI and VII.

The screenshot was taken during pre-production. That shot in the movie may appear differently or with more detail.

Expect a February release, and more updates in the meantime!


[Non-update post!]

I've been taking time to go through flashes you guys make and or recommended... and man I can't believe I've never done this sooner. Currently watching The Julian War by Ds-Anim. Make sure to check out Ragnarok: Vesper Battle by ShadowWhoWalks as well. Very fun sprite animations.

I'm taking notes, it seems the bar has been set quite high.

Back to League of Legends for now,


In-Between Vacations Update - Some P4 Stuff

2013-12-04 02:15:22 by BallinSNN122

Figured I'd throw in a small update to fill the gaps between major ones.

Probably not relevant, but I removed an error in P3's menu screen. Regarding Part IV, I only have a few things left to plan (input welcome and encouraged) and then I can get started:

  • Which robot masters / mavericks / bosses will be waiting to greet Drogen (all at once, mind you!) outside Fort Kattelox (where the last scene in P3 took place) -- I have a way to explain just about any, and I'm thinking at least 3+. I'd like to try my hand at a five or six man battle again. It was fun making the one in P2 and I'd like to improve on that.
  • Which robot master(s) / maverick(s) / boss(es) will be waiting to meet the party who snuck in (while Drogen is creating a scene outside)?
  • Asura's fighting style - I'll probably bypass being faithful to Mega Man Zero. I think I'll have the blades of the sword stay straight when he throws them, and they travel at an increased velocity. I'm also thinking he can renegerate the swords much faster.
  • Eregion! - At full size he barely fits in the 550 x 400. But I plan on utilizing both the flying (when he appears during the intro stage) and the standing forms. I'm cautiously optimistic it will work out.

Those were things hinted in P3, I won't spoil any details regarding the rest of the episode. Depending on how fast I can plan and write this, P4 could see a December or early January release. Of course, I'm going to take my time.

Woot, it's December!


I promise to keep improving!

Watch! Vote! Review!


Problems Solved

2013-11-26 01:50:08 by BallinSNN122

Expect it up anytime today. Please watch, and leave constructive criticism (or compliments!)

Also, Detective Conan Movie 17 comes out today! Yay!