In-Between Vacations Update - Some P4 Stuff

2013-12-04 02:15:22 by BallinSNN122

Figured I'd throw in a small update to fill the gaps between major ones.

Probably not relevant, but I removed an error in P3's menu screen. Regarding Part IV, I only have a few things left to plan (input welcome and encouraged) and then I can get started:

  • Which robot masters / mavericks / bosses will be waiting to greet Drogen (all at once, mind you!) outside Fort Kattelox (where the last scene in P3 took place) -- I have a way to explain just about any, and I'm thinking at least 3+. I'd like to try my hand at a five or six man battle again. It was fun making the one in P2 and I'd like to improve on that.
  • Which robot master(s) / maverick(s) / boss(es) will be waiting to meet the party who snuck in (while Drogen is creating a scene outside)?
  • Asura's fighting style - I'll probably bypass being faithful to Mega Man Zero. I think I'll have the blades of the sword stay straight when he throws them, and they travel at an increased velocity. I'm also thinking he can renegerate the swords much faster.
  • Eregion! - At full size he barely fits in the 550 x 400. But I plan on utilizing both the flying (when he appears during the intro stage) and the standing forms. I'm cautiously optimistic it will work out.

Those were things hinted in P3, I won't spoil any details regarding the rest of the episode. Depending on how fast I can plan and write this, P4 could see a December or early January release. Of course, I'm going to take my time.

Woot, it's December!



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2013-12-04 09:59:14

looking forward to P4, hopefully tie up loose ends and give plenty of eye candy.
what game is Asura and Drogen from?

BallinSNN122 responds:

Asura is from Mega Man Zero for the GBA - it's been almost a decade since I played it but IIRC he's the first fortress boss.

Drogen's original sprite is Sieg-Hart from a Groove Adventure Rave game released for the GBA. I simply colored his hair black on one of the sheets. The other sheet remains a prime opportunity for a Ryu cameo but I need to finish the food on my plate first hahaha.