Mega Man : Origin of X Part IV Update #1

2014-01-07 04:25:40 by BallinSNN122

Hope you guys had an awesome holiday season,

After enjoying some time off, I've hit the ground running with this installment. I'm really going to take my time with this one - I want to make something that the average Mega Man fan wouldn't mind spending a few minutes watching.

Assorted details about the upcoming installment:

  • This picks up right where P3 left off. Drogen is doing the last two miles of the trek to Kattelox Fort on foot to minimize risk. Awaiting him a mile from the fortress is Slash Beast, Magma Dragoon, Poler Kamrous, and Maha Ganeshariff.


  • [ Distracted after taking a shot, Drogen finds himself in arms reach of a formidable foe ]
  • Sigma's bait may have caught the wrong fish, but with the amount of power at his disposal it may not matter...
  • Aiming for at the very least a 65 : 35 action / story ratio. For comparison's sake: P3 (in my estimation) is 15 : 85. That's something I'm not proud of. This installment will be a lot better!
  • I'll need to improve the dialogue display yet again. Changing Mega Man's font to light blue, and I'm strongly reconsidering mugshots.
  • Energy bars will likely make a return for the Eregion battle. My plan after P2 was to use them in serious battles as they help me illustrate the magnitude of a character's power - in an oh so fitting Mega Man fashion.
  • Regarding runtime, I'll put the cap at ten minutes. No mid-battle cliffhangers, I promise!
  • In my biased opinion, the story remains interesting. As I've said before, I have all 7 parts outlined, but I'll probably do some minor reworking so all of the good stuff isn't concentrated in Parts VI and VII.

The screenshot was taken during pre-production. That shot in the movie may appear differently or with more detail.

Expect a February release, and more updates in the meantime!



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2014-01-07 13:31:57

In my honest opinion, we really do need more story buildup. there is a LOT of things that were not explained when the story just exploded into existence. I think most people who are a fan of Megaman already enjoy your fight scenes, but the story doesn't make much sense.

(Updated ) BallinSNN122 responds:

True that, I hear you loud and clear. Making sense of things will be my number one priority this chapter. Whether I can answer every question in one chapter we'll see, but I do have an explanation for Colonel, X , Zero, Mega Man, Sigma, Mavericks, Robot Masters, Gate, etc, being around at the same time.

I'll start explaining that in this chapter. Thanks for the input - I was going to wait until VI to do so otherwise. You're right, I think starting now makes the overall story more sensible.

As far as Crimson goes, hopefully viewers can let that one slide. I just like the character. c: