Finally a new PC! P4 is still coming, Streaming, etc.

2014-03-28 22:15:31 by BallinSNN122

Sooooo busy, but Parts IV through VII will happen!

I haven't been able to work on anything until today due to other commitments, but the goods news is that I have a decent PC now. All of the creative processes are so much more efficient - so much so that I could probably crank a part out every few weeks if I had the time.

Moving slow, but I'm already making some interesting progress to say the least. I've been watching some of the other flashes on here, and I've definitely improved a lot. I'm making significant upgrades to the cinematography, and I'm using bigger and better set pieces for the action scenes. Speaking of action scenes, there'll be a lot.

I haven't done the best job laying down the story but I'll do away with any useless exposition and try to keep things interesting. Also, any holes and unintended mysteries will be taken care of.

IV picks up right where III left off. I usually open the next part in the same scene, but I'm opening this in what would normally be the second scene. It's probably not necessary to close and open chapters with Sigma and Gate scheming. I think this decision definitely makes things a bit more exciting.

I'm definitely enjoying the development process. In terms of set pieces, action, and scope, this is easily going to be better than the first three combined. It pleases me to this day how well some of the fights in earlier chapters came out, and I'd like to state yet again I have every intention to top them.

As far as a (soft) release date, let's say April. No matter how busy I am, the development process is so smooth now that I can easily find time to make progress. No screenshot for now, but I'll have one or two in the next update.

P.S. Though I'm still setting things up,I have a twitch channel. I plan on streaming LoL, some JRPGs, development of this, just about anything! - -- If you use twitch at all, follow me!


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