Mega Man : Origin of X P4 Update #2

2014-09-24 02:54:09 by BallinSNN122

Hey all!

Schedule's hell as always, but I'm working on the IV and V. IV's extremely far along. I really wish I had the free time to push an episode out the door every four or five weeks like I could, but I don't unfortunately.

That said, I figure some sort of update / teaser / reminder is long overdue.... so here's a still from a scene where the crew attempts to stop Eregion (controlled remotely?) from whatever he plans to do with that railway car - Freefalls look so peaceful in photo form lol.


  • "I'll go for the claws!"
  • "I'll try to slow it down! Try to clip a wing Axl!"

And here's a line up of two of the three factions. Sigma's crew provides a common goal for now, and someone once said an enemy of your enemy is your friend.


As P4 will foreshadow, even friends have disagreements...

You probably notice a few characters not yet introduced. Thanks to some resolved technical difficulties I was able to write Axl back in. He'll become a regular starting in P4.

Thetis will first be seen in P5.

Sigma's crew also has a few new faces - The first couple of minutes should explain the high turnover rate haha, but I'm definitely excited to introduce them in P4. If I have extra space in the episode after I edit it down, I'll probably slide P5's opening over.

The next three set pieces (city - IV, train - IV or V, and forest - V) are very fun challenges. I can't wait to show you guys the final result. As promised, the overall quality of the action scenes are improving as I go along - I told y'all I was rusty at first! Thanks for being so patient with me and the lesser quality episodes earlier.

Hope you guys are having a great Fall,



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2014-09-24 04:40:36

Hey... looking good there. Keep up the good work!


2015-04-19 14:07:41

Keep up the good work! :D


2015-04-26 06:17:38

looks like you have a huge map to plan out, good luck and don't let it overwhelm you!
anticipating the sequel!


2015-04-26 11:51:09