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Mega Man : Origin of X P3 Release Date : Tuesday 11/26/13

2013-11-24 00:35:40 by BallinSNN122

Last update on this I swear!

Well, I'm just about ready to work on Part IV (which could see a December release) so I'm gonna scoot this one out on Tuesday, November 24th.

I've made most of the commentary I'd like to make in the last post, so I'll keep this brief and post the tracklist. I am one that enjoys good video game / anime music and considers it part of the viewing experience. So if I were watching this for the first time, I'd wait until after watching the movie before reading the tracklist.

For those that don't mind, check it out. Hopefully there's a track in there you recognize.

I went through over a hundred songs trying to find pieces that fit each scene, so if you go on a YouTube adventure and listen to each song you can sort of guess what's happening haha :)


Track List - Chronological Order

The Reploid King - Mega Man X5
Frozen Flare - Rurouni Kenshin
The Last : The Wish Punished - Mega Man Zero 2
The Day The World Revived (Remix by PHOENIX) - Chrono Trigger
Elise Deauxnim : A Simple Melody - Phoenix Wright : Trials and Tribulations
The Chase - Suikoden II
Pharoah Man (Remix by Vurez) - Mega Man 4
Ambushed - Breath of Fire III
Shutat's Theme - Beyond the Beyond
Abducted - Breath of Fire III
Fighting Man - Breath of Fire III

Man, what a lineup. At the very least, if you hate the movie you'll enjoy the soundtrack. Even though it's obvious I'm paying homage to some of my favorite games (and one of my favorite animes!), I promise I didn't go out of my way to use specific sources.

Of course, you'll be the judge on that matter.


Mega Man : Origin of X P3 - Production Complete!

2013-11-19 23:41:20 by BallinSNN122

Edit 11/20/13 : Post-Production 10% complete T_T ... ETA 4 or 5 days depending on how busy I am.
Edit 11/21/13 : Post-Production 35% complete! Made a ton of progress today, might be able to follow a 4-day deadline but not completely positive.
Edit 11/23/13 : Post-Production 60% complete! But so many distractions coming up x_x

Hey all!

Proud to announce that animation on the movie is 100% complete.

Post-production (cinematography, text insertion, sfx, music - likely in that order) shouldn't take much more than a few days, but two things will probably extend that time : exams coming up, and a need for a couple more sfx. I believe SS4FlameAlchemist mentioned something to me a while back, I'll have to go look it up, and check it out.

Some notes regarding Part III :

- Longest run time so far. 11-12 minutes. Will try to cut back to 9-10 going forward.

- New method of dialogue display. Going to aim for something similar to that Zero vs Omega Zero flash. Should fit and hopefully look nicer than the "top of the screen" display in previous parts.

- Lots and lots of plot advancement. I hope you'll find the story interesting. I've found a solid way to weave elements of one of my other favorite Capcom franchises into a Mega Man centric story.

- I enjoy multi-participant battles. Scenes like the one on the bridge will be quite the norm going forward. Speaking of battles though, the plot advancement had to take a front seat in this one (25 / 75 action plot ratio). Continuing the tradition, Part 4 will flip that ratio.

- Lots of new characters. The roughly seven or so new faces you see are among the top dogs in their respective factions (Robot Masters / Good Guys, Dragonbrood, Sigma's Army), they're big parts of the story going forward. Especially Drogen!

Regarding Part IV, it won't take nearly as long as III did. It will be mostly action like II (yes, I'm planning something nice regarding a certain x4 intro boss seen in III), and most of the assets needed are already accounted for.

Going to relax for the night. If I get the remaining assets I need tomorrow, I can have this out in a couple days!

Probably won't be the case though, as the end of the semester will likely be hectic.

With regards,


Mega Man : Origin of X P3 - Production Complete!

Mega Man : Origin of X P3 is looking good so far! 75% complete

2013-11-08 02:54:28 by BallinSNN122

11/11/13 Update : About 90% Complete. Post-production will take about a week when production finishes.

About 75% complete ~ 25% of the remaining work is fight scenes (one of which is pictured). Once those are done what's left flies by pretty quick.

My skills are progressing as well, hopefully you guys will notice as you watch. Aesthetics wise, I've adopted a new format of dialogue display. Movie wise, I've taken and improved what I've done in both parts and tried to combine them:

I liked the variety of backgrounds and set pieces used in #1. I also liked the action (especially the end!) in #2. #3 is a bit "adventure-y" and has more dialogue (especially given the first sightings of a few characters), but all-in-all this installment is definitely going to be something I'm proud of.

Mega Man : Origin of X P3 is looking good so far! 75% complete

Coming November 2013

2013-10-25 22:05:14 by BallinSNN122

Sigma has revealed his hand... Part III coming soon!

Edit 11/7/13 - Progress is chugging along nicely... Production at about 60% complete! Been very busy lately but I'm liking how this is shaping up!

Coming November 2013

Mega Man : Origin of X Part III - In Production!

2013-10-11 10:14:02 by BallinSNN122

Looking towards a November release!

This one will feature several different set pieces, as opposed to the low number of three featured in #2 (though it was one long confrontation!)... Off the top of my head I'm estimating around 5 or 6 major characters introduced, a large and more integrated use of extras (mostly MMZ / MMZX styled), and overall a much more epic feel.

The main storyline of the episode - Sigma has re-emerged stronger and more supported than ever. Our heroes are not yet strong enough to fight back, so strategic moves must be made behind the scenes as the military prepares for all out war against Sigma and his minions......

My schedule so far :
Preparation / Pre-production - Till 10/15/13
Production - 10/15- 11/15 (factoring in vacation)
Post Production - 11/15 - 11/22

Aiming for a Late-November release. Could go faster, could slow down, but factoring in vacations from school, it's a reasonable goal.

Will throw a few teasers up within the next few days!

Mega Man : Origin of X Part III Plans and Goals

2013-08-23 16:32:39 by BallinSNN122


I've started putting the planning process and am organizing a personal "bill of details" of sorts listing what I need to work on before I start animating. I've been scouring the web for custom sprites, remixed music and such from my favorite games, and am currently getting ready to put the set pieces together.

Though it has its flaws, I thoroughly enjoyed how the action came out in #2, and am planning to build on it. I still rewatch portions of it, especially the end!

I don't mind giving away some details, so I'm glad to announce that Protoman, Vile, and some "new" characters (like the swordmaster who taught Zero) will be debuting in #3. I'm excited for all of these characters because they bring an added layer of creativity to the battles I design.

Look forward to an expanded set of battle animations for Zero, and better cinematography during battles. I have jotted down notes of how I want a few of the battles to be presented, and I'm confident I can present them exactly as I envisioned them. If they come out smoothly, it should be something all Mega Man fans will enjoy greatly.

School has started, but I'll be able to put aside time to work on this. I won't do a demo this time around, but I'm thinking that the movie should be of equal or greater length than #2.

Have a great one!


Sorry, I didn't mean to post this late!

Here is the tracklist, in order of appearance:

1. Golbez' Four Emperors - Final Fantasy IV
2. Last Man Standing - Breath of Fire III
3. Mega Man X2 Boss Battle Remix
4. War Tiger - Breath of Fire III
5. Boss Appearance - Mega Man 8
6. The Deranged World (Stage Select BGM2) - Mega Man X5
7. X-Buster - Rockman Holic Album
8. Boss Battle - Mega Man 8
9. The Hidden Truth - Chrono Trigger
10. Boss Battle - Beyond The Beyond
11. Unmee no Haguruma - Rurouni Kenshin
12. Title Screen - Mega Man 7
13. Dragon God - Chrono Cross
14. The Reploid King - Mega Man X5

Mega Man : Origin of X Part II Update #1

2013-08-05 23:47:29 by BallinSNN122

(A new set of updates for the full version)

I'm sitting at roughly 80ish% for the production. I'm animating the second half of the final confrontation, then a certain event will wrap up this episode.

Since I did most of the post-production during the demo, that phase should be relatively sped up - post production on the remainder of the episode would probably take a couple hours, I could do it in a day.

Here's a screen of where I'm at exactly! (the robot masters are all animated in the actual movie)

*Edit* - Production complete! Post production is at 85%

Mega Man : Origin of X Part II Update #1

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Because I sure am!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm back to work on this movie, and am about to begin the episode's final fight.

The entire battle should be about 2:30 tops, before a recognizable someone (and company) makes his appearance.

Axl will appear in #3, and I already have his first battle outlined.

This is pretty fun, I'm positive that you guys will enjoy watching the completed thing.

Take it easy, enjoy the summer!


Mega Man : Origin of X Part II Demo is out!

2013-07-01 02:03:40 by BallinSNN122

The first half of Part II is on newgrounds! I'm hard at work on the entire chapter and I just wanted to let you guys know how it's coming along!

Enjoy! And don't forget to vote!

The Tracklist:
Golbez's Four Emperors - Final Fantasy IV
Last Man Standing - Breath of Fire III
X2 Boss (remix) - Mega Man X2
War Tiger - Breath of Fire III
Boss Appearance - Mega Man 8
The Deranged World - Mega Man X5
X-Buster - Rockman Holic (Album)
Wily Battle - Mega Man 8
Boss Battle - Beyond The Beyond

Some notes:

I plan to have all 8 robot masters from MM8 appear. Their power is too insignificant to help in that regard, but they can still lend their abilities. The entire episode takes place on the palace ruins, so I'll compensate by using a variety of locations in #3, similar to #1.

I'm getting used to producing fights, so expect to see the upward trend in quality you'll notice in #2, throughout the series. Some of the battles I plan out run longer than expected, leading me to suspect I'll need 6 or so chapters to tell my story, as opposed to 4. The downtime in #3 needed after this conflict in #2 will give me all the room I need to start introducing more characters, and explaining my take on how certain things start.

I have a long day tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Enjoy the preview! It contains the first half of #2.

Mega Man : Origin of X Part II Demo is out!