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A Quick Screenshot

2013-06-19 15:26:46 by BallinSNN122

Demo Production complete!
Movie Progress 60%
Demo will cover the entire 60. Runtime - 5:45
Demo in post production now.

6/29/13 Edit: Demo coming out tomorrow!

A Quick Screenshot

Mega Man : Origin of X P2 Progress Update #4

2013-06-17 17:46:02 by BallinSNN122


I had to take a few weeks off to start a website. Now that it's on its feet I can go full time into this project again.

A demo is coming out very soon! Update #5 will be the demo!

Mega Man : Origin of X P2 Progress Update #3

2013-05-22 00:01:03 by BallinSNN122


Things are still progressing great! I spent all day helping my little bro move back from school so I wasn't able to get any work in today. I conceived about two or three ideas that I'm going to begin implementing tomorrow.

Even with a whole day delay, I could probably still reach my release date of the 25th for the two minute preview / demo. I think I'm going to increase the length to include 25%, and push the date back a week. This way I can get more critique, as I'm being a bit ambitious with the production.

I spent all last night working on a five man melee, and all I could say was ooooh as I previewed the 1/2 finished product. I've never animated more than four characters in battle at the same time, there's a lot to keep track of! Once again, I'm writing from a tablet, so I can't rip a nice still to accompany this update. I'll try to do the next one from my pc.

Anyways, I'll try to wrap up the Mega Men fight tomorrow. It makes up the bulk of the demo, but the demo should run all the way to the beginning of the 2nd fight in the movie. For reference sake I have five or six battle scenes planned ( as opposed to 2 in #1).

Have a good one, you'll be hearing from me again soon!


Mega Man : Origin of X Part II Progress Update #2

2013-05-18 04:18:03 by BallinSNN122

Hey! This is a long one!

Things are moving slightly ahead of schedule! I'm still shooting for the 25th. But depending on the length I decide on (probably going to go with ~two minutes), the demo itself could come out earlier.

As for the entire movie, the plot is outlined,and man does it look good. It picks up at the exact frame #1 leaves off, and doesn't slow down until about a third of the way in. Even then it's only briefly. I had a lot of fun putting it together, so hopefully it translates into something fun to watch.

A few posts back I mentioned #1 having a 70 : 30 story/battle ratio. That estimate is roughly flipped in this one. The action scenes in this chapter are shaping up well. As mentioned in an earlier post, I enjoyed both the slow, deliberate style of #1's opening as well as the fast paced showdown towards the end. But every fight in #2 shall prove superior to #1, perhaps I can chalk it up as me improving as I go along.

As I animate, I'm throwing ideas around. I have room in one of my battle scenes towards the end for one of the following : Eregion (the intro boss in x4) Asura (from mmz1), or some other menacing opponent. If you see one, know that I considered others quite carefully before settling on the choice.

Asura already has a role, so whether he appears then we'll see. Eregion is a tough cookie, but I'm willing to dedicate a days work to implement him (or her?) in a cool manner if the fit is there. I enjoy working with characters like Eregion and Asura as they have a lot of creative flexibility. One person would definitely utilize it differently then the next one.

I plan on putting in some good work today. I have a fairly reasonable goal of finishing 20% of the demo today. For those curious the demo comprises ~15% of the entire movie. Mathletes might deduce i work at a rate of 3% a day, but thats definitely not going to be the case. On a given day I could complete anywhere as high as 9 or 10% and as low as 1%. It depends what I'm working on.

My main goal for the demo is to showcase some of the improved action. I'm sure people who saw #1 know to expect the plot to continue to build up ( and build up it does), but not too many plot details will be able to be gleaned from the demo. I will share that #2 will add at least two new main protagonists, and a few more antagonists. Mega Man will also fight a lot more like.... Well, Mega Man.

I hope the fanbase continues to grow with the release of the demo(shoot, increasing beforehand isn't bad either, if you know someone who might be interested, tell them to follow me!). I want as many people to see and enjoy this installment as possible. Of course, I'll be relying on you guys for feedback to fine tune #2.

I'm not sure how I feel releasing another demo on Newgrounds, but I'm warming up to the idea, especially if #2 turns out half as decent as I envision it.

Thank you for choosing to follow me!


Pre-production is almost done!

Pre-Production should be finished by the 15th. Production should take about 3 weeks. During which I'll release the first few minutes as a demo / teaser. I guess a soft release date for the demo could be set at May 25th.

Look forward to an awesome showing! I'm stopping at nothing to make you say wow with this installment.


Mega Man X Origin Story, Part II In Production

2013-05-09 13:00:05 by BallinSNN122

Thanks for those reviews, every single one of them will have a positive effect on #2. It'll pick up right where #1 left off; so I'm currently planning out the battle of Mega Man vs the Mega Men (Atlas, Aeolus, and Sianarq, who as a Final Fantasy fan I named Edge) and the accompanying setpieces.

Now that the foundation is set, I can focus on my favorite aspect of animation : multi-participant battles (non 1v1s). I have a couple duels planned, but large scale battles allow one to flex their creativity a bit more.

I'm glad #1 was well received. It has a 10 minute runtime, filled with exposition and only two battles. It has me excited for how #2, with mostly story driven battles and much less exposition than #1, will be received.

I'm going to try to have the episode outlined within a few days, and may consider throwing up another two minute preview when the first battle is complete.

Once again, thanks for watching, and I guarantee you this coming installment will blow #1 out of the water!if you haven't seen #1, you can catch it on my site : or by scrolling down a bit (or in my submissions).

Have a great one,


Mega Man X Origin Story, Part I complete

2013-05-02 17:26:28 by BallinSNN122


Now that the semester is winding down I've completed production on the first part of my Mega Man X Origin Story :

The canon is stretched a teeny bit to include elements from Classic, X, Zero, and the ZX series, but the story is shaping up to be fantastic. This is my take on how the Mega Man Classic series could transition into the X. So it takes place at the bridge of both canons. As with any opening chapter, I'm looking at a story:action ratio of about 70% : 30%, but now that the plot is set in place I can more than flip that ratio to 20% : 80% in the coming installments.

I hope you check it out, as I could really use the feedback. I dabbled my hand in two different action styles: A slow, more deliberate style that you'll see in the opening minutes and a frantic, set-piece oriented style that you'll see when X, Mega Man, and Zero confront the leader of the Mega Men in the city.

I hope you check it out!

Mega Man X Origin Story, Part I complete

I'm Back in Action Folks!

2009-07-08 01:39:32 by BallinSNN122

oh boy its nice to come back from a year's hiatus. I've been busy with some life stuff and now Its finally a great time to get back into flash. I just got a new computer so some projects are on hold until I can rescue them from a laptop that lacks an operating system! I would like to thank those who supported my beginner flashes (still up on the site check them out) and would like to let those who used to enjoy my stuff know I'm better with a year's worth more experience. Still not great but above average ^^.

I'm looking to begin planning the 4th episode of The Samurai, and I'm almost done with an extraordinary pilot to a new series(I may have to break it up into two episodes lol). I'm back and I hope people like kenshin1913 are still around because knowing people enjoy your stuff makes all the work more than worthwhile.

Keep on enjoying the summer guys,


The Samurai strikes again!

2008-07-20 19:33:14 by BallinSNN122

With nods to Fire Emblem and Chrono Trigger, Samurai Jack's adventure continues as Episode III is released!

The group behind a tales of phantasia patch has announced they will be doing Tales of Innocence for the Nintendo DS!!

The Group is called Absolute Zero, and you can go to their site by googling it (I'm not sure If I'm allowed to link) if you want to see pictures of their progress.

I personally am excited and this is the reason I'm getting an R4.

Tales of Innocence (For DS) being translated!!!(Unofficially)